The Jerusalem Factor Book & Workbook


“The Jerusalem Factor” not only gives us a sense of mission but also the power tools necessary to build an effective soul-winning ministry. Here is a step-by-step manual that any Christian can follow and any church can capitalize on…”

In this new Jerusalem Factor “Workbook” you can put into practice all the things you read about in the book for yourself. Go chapter by chapter and learn the plan that has brought millions to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.





Within two years of the death of Christ, the first Christians won over 100,000 converts in Jerusalem by following the simple four-step plan taught by Jesus.

Dr. Wood recasts Soul Winning in its Biblical roots and empowers Christians with the tools and confidence they need for an “anytime / anyplace” witness. Learn how to successfully take the message of Jesus Christ to family and friends

The Jerusalem Factor “Workbook” will help Christians everywhere make a personal impact with the message of Jesus Christ — to the point of winning their friends and neighbors to the Lord.

It is time to overcome any type of fear by learning from the hundreds of personal examples Dr. Wood shares from his lifetime ministry of soul winning.

View Week Seven of the Workbook

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