Our program can help anyone

become a confident witness

for Christ.

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Our program can help anyone become a confident witness for Christ.


We offer training programs – for every need.

Operation Go Local Church Edition

Through interactive assignments, hands-on field training, and one-on-one mentoring, scores of soul winners will be trained to win precious souls, disciple them, and get them involved in your church’s ministry.

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21st Century Soul Winning Seminar

Move your church attendance & member involvement to the next level. You can host this seminar in your church.

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What is Witness?

The Witness Division of Operation Go International specializes in the training and equipping of churches and leaders with the Biblical strategy and the “How To” of winning people to Christ.

Biblical soul winning will “come alive” and be practiced.

Operation Go Group Edition

Leaders train their entire group during its regular gathering. Many have won their first soul ever to Christ! Pastors and Christian Schools have trained congregations, small groups, and students.

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Witnessing Simplified

Jesus promised that by following Him we could become a “fisher of men“. The fulfillment of that promise is not a gift for only a few; but, awaits every dedicated believer.

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Biblical soul winning will move from “you ought to” to “here’s how” — with results.

Operation Go Personal Edition

In the privacy of your home, you can learn how to win the unsaved and begin discipling your new convert…taking the FEAR out of witnessing! Join thousands of believers that use Operation Go to share the Gospel.

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Step-by-Step Training

We have developed a simple, easy-to-use plan designed to help any believer be a witness for Christ no matter how inexperienced.

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Take your “first step” today — call us for help.”

Operation Go Kids Edition

Youth Leaders — Operation Go Kids Edition is a great way to get your kids involved in soul winning at an early age. Written with elementary aged kids in mind, kids are learning to serve the Lord themselves.

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21st Century Soul Winning Seminar

Learn how your witness & influence can be meaningful & rewarding. Exciting FREE event with a complete syllabus & helpful handouts.

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Learn How to Win Converts

Imagine presenting the gospel simply and clearly. Leading people to Christ. Seeing your converts baptized. And, then, discipled to win others!

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Witnessing for Everyone

Anyone, Anywhere, Can Be a Witness

Through interactive assignments, hands-on field training and one-on-one mentoring, you can train scores of soul winners who will in turn win souls and see them discipled and involved in your church’s ministry. Our program easily adapts to any size church or other group to ignite their passion for presenting the Gospel.


Scores of soul winners within your congregation will be trained and equipped to win individuals and families to Christ, discipled, and then involved in your church‘s ministry.



Begin teaching the practical steps in witnessing to your group: Sunday school class, youth group, Christian school, or home Bible studies.




In the privacy of your own home, you will be completely trained to begin leading your family, friends, and neighbors to Christ.



Now you can train your “kids” in the dynamics of soul winning on their own level. The interactive curriculum is perfect for Sunday School, Children’s Programs, and Christian Schools.


Beyond Witness

Explore How We Help Churches Thrive

Discipline new believers? Train functioning leaders? Exercise compassion that “makes a difference”? Providing the local church with the tools to grow a balanced ministry is what Operation Go International is poised to do.

Operation GO Disciple

We equip ministries to grow new believers from the genesis of their faith to become mature follows of Christ that reproduce.


Operation GO Lead

We provide leadership strategies focused on team development, accountability and defined results.


Operation GO Serve

We give engaging avenues of opportunities to render life necessities to the impoverished and disaster victims globally.


Partner with us and reach the world.