Operation GO International

Your Partnership Will Train And Equip
National Pastors Around The Globe

By Training and Equipping a National Pastor; he will return to his church (usually an underground or home church) — and in the next 12 to 18 months:

  • The national pastor will train between 90 and 100 lay soul winners
  • These soul winners will win 1,000 or more to Christ.
  • The national pastor will plant one or more churches.

Your generous sponsorship of national pastor will provide:

  • His food, transportation and lodging to attend a 3 day Soul Winning Directors Institute training.
  • A complete Operation GO Soul Winning training program with all discipleship materials, translated into his language.
  • Support for a field office, established for accountability, and on-going material distribution with support.
  • Complete sponsorship of one national pastor is only 70 cents per day ($21.00 a month) or $250 (one time gift)
  • A gift of any size will be used towards the sponsorship of a national pastor
  • And, you will receive a monthly update, sharing results that will move you and rejoicing, praise and fulfillment.


A WITNESS Sponsors 1 Pastor: $250

A PARTNER Sponsors 4 Pastors: $1,000

A FOUNDER Sponsors 20 Pastors: $5,000