As many of you know, our beloved founder, Dr. David A. Wood entered the arms of Jesus on December 8th. What a beautiful legacy he left, and just as he would say, we’ve got to “keep on keeping on.”

As the year ends, many of you are looking for a special way to bless and be generous with what the Lord has given, especially for tax purposes. This unexpected circumstance has led the ministry to a great need. Our current operational building is in Columbia, SC and will now need to relocate. I would like to propose a special request, a one-time gift to assist us in purchasing a building.

Brother Treadway has found a beautiful location, and if we are able to buy sooner rather than later we can have this new building for HALF of what it is worth! What a blessing that would be!


This donation, I would like to ask, be made in HONOR of Dr. David A. Wood. His drive for souls was one like no other, and we DO NOT want to slow down. We will continue his legacy and run the race set before us. So that we, too, can hear “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” We consider this need to be urgent, so that we do not become stagnant at any rate.

If you receive these text messages, you are already involved in this ministry somehow. You have probably given of your time, talents, monetary blessings, or prayed for us at one time or another. We appreciate and value your support more than you know.