What comes to mind when you think of successful preparation? Whether it is preparing to teach a class or take a big test, do you picture yourself doing all your prep work alone? Or do you feel more successful with the assistance of others? Whatever your preference, God has designed that we come together in unity as believers to help one another, to edify, and to use our spiritual gifts, all in order to give Him glory and share the good news of the Gospel.

Our ministry was designed with the core mission of winning souls to Christ. We know that with the assistance of others, we can be more successful. Which in turn means our focus is to provide training and teaching to believers all over the world who have a desire to share this plan of salvation. This is all a part of our successful preparation!

For the majority who are not able to get up and go be a part of training and teaching, there are other ways to be involved right from your home. Many people do not realize the impact of a simple monetary donation to a ministry such as ours. When you give a small portion of what God has given you, back into His work, you have become a special part of the many seeds sown by that ministry. What a blessing!

This is the first of a series of emails you will be receiving with words of encouragement as we begin our year-end giving campaign. Much of what we can do is made possible by the giver, as the Lord blesses and provides through YOU!

Would you prayerfully consider helping us prepare for what HE has prepared?

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