A “matching gift” commitment of $50,000 has been received for the construction of the Kenya Ministry Center!! Praise the Lord…

And, to date… $12,000 has been received to match it. The Lord enabling, we now have the potential to begin the construction of the ground floor (Phase #1) as early as April!

God’s blessings are truly amazing —

  • Only 1226 square feet additional funding needed!
  • Then, the matching gift will be met, and the ground floor will be built debt-free!
  • Already, Faith Baptist Church is meeting on the property “outdoors” and hundreds of families are receiving “fresh water“ every day.
  • At only $27.60 per square foot, with everyone doing something… Together; we can do this!
  • Will you pray over helping to match this very generous gift… providing for 1 – 5 – 10 – 25 – 50 or 100 square feet? No gift is too small.

Click Here – TODAY – and register your generous gift. For participation, you will receive a beautiful frameable certificate.

My friend, this is a real need where every gift will do so much!! May we hear from you today?

From my heart,

Thank You and may God richly bless you –

David A Wood