• Experience this compelling story of innocence stolen, a life ruined and tells how God made the difference in several lives. It shows the importance of witnessing to the lost and how to gain victory in our everyday lives.
  • Fruit That Remains is an invaluable discipleship training tool for Soul Winners to share with new converts to Christianity. as well as an excellent New Beginner's Class curriculum. Contains a Spiritual Birth Certificate, Commitment Forms to be signed together, 12 discipleship lessons, and instructions for getting started as a Christian. Also includes the King James Version of the books of John and Romans, two important Books for a new Christian to take to heart.  
  • Christians today are so busy trying to analyze and understand the darkness of this world that we are unknowingly being defeated by it. This nine-day study is designed to help believers step into the light of Jesus Christ and the power of His Word in order to lead themselves and others out of the "darkness" of today's culture.


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