• 13-Point Soul Winning cards feature the 13-point plan developed by Dr. David Wood to guide you through a simple and proven method of winning friends and family to Christ. You have the option of a single laminated card or a pack of 100 cards that are printed on heavy-duty cardstock.
  • This soul-winning tool asks the question, "Are You Sure" about where you will spend eternity? An effective leave-behind, the small tract is a terrific way to spread the Gospel, guide someone to salvation, and spread the name of your church. The Are You Sure Tracts come in packs of 100.  
    • Learn how to Share Your Faith Easily & Effectively and begin discipling new believers.
    • Take the FEAR out of witnessing.  Join thousands of believers that use Operation GO to share The Gospel.
    • Includes SIX HOURS of customized teaching by David Wood on DVD, workbook, Jerusalem Factor, Fruit That Remains, New Testament with Step-by-Step Tools, and free mobile App.
  • Experience twelve Bible study lessons (one hour each). Explore, verse by verse, how the books of Daniel and Revelation blend in history and prophecy. This set includes a chart that combines the prophecy and history of the two books and features lessons taught by Dr. David A. Wood, founder, and president of OperationGo International.
  • Experience this compelling story of innocence stolen, a life ruined and tells how God made the difference in several lives. It shows the importance of witnessing to the lost and how to gain victory in our everyday lives.
  • Fruit That Remains is an invaluable discipleship training tool for Soul Winners to share with new converts to Christianity. as well as an excellent New Beginner's Class curriculum. Contains a Spiritual Birth Certificate, Commitment Forms to be signed together, 12 discipleship lessons, and instructions for getting started as a Christian. Also includes the King James Version of the books of John and Romans, two important Books for a new Christian to take to heart.  
  • Journey Through the Bible with Dr. David A. Wood is an audio Bible course covering the whole of Scripture. This Bible Institute-level course offers a comprehensive survey of the Old and New Testaments. Listen as Genesis 1:1 through Revelations 22:21 come alive in an unforgettable way. Includes a dynamic fold-out chart illustrating God's plan through Scripture.
  • Combined with your church brochure or interior personalization, this graphically beautiful booklet answers the – “What should I leave in every home?” question when conducting a meaningful church survey. IMAGINE THIS
    • Placing the Gospel in every home in your Jerusalem
    • Leaving a positive image of your church
    • A presentation that will be read – not discarded
    • A project in which your people will want to participate
    You must see these beautiful, professional graphics from the “Jesus Film.”
  • Find out why YOUR worldview determines not just what you believe, but your actions. Develop a Biblical worldview that will lead to victory and success in your everyday Christian walk.

    Four Lesson Audio Series of Dr. Wood’s Live Sermons
    • Your Worship: Knowing God Acts 17:22-23
    • Your Attitude: Personal Victory I Cor. 13:13
    • Your Family: Balanced John 10:10
    • Your Response: Overcoming Rom. 8:28
  • When will Jesus return? Has God revealed a plan for the future? Does understanding prophecy help me to make life decisions today? This practical series will answer these and many other questions that bring life into focus today because of the future.

    Four Lesson Audio Series of Dr. Wood's Live Sermons
    • Revelation: A forty Minute Tour Rev. 1:1-3
    • The Judgment Seat of Christ II Cor. 5:10
    • The Great White Throne Judgment Matt. 24:1-3
    • Heaven -- Preparing for Day One Rev. 21:1-4
  • Can God use me? Am I qualified? Can I be part of God's plan today? YES! Find out why and discover the joy of living with purpose and the meaning of true fulfillment.

    Four Lesson Audio Series of Dr. Wood's Live Sermons
    • Making "Qualifying" Personal Acts 16:5-10
    • Everyday People -- Supernatural Tasks Rom. 4:13; 18-21
    • Commitment Means Accomplishment Psalms 37:5
    • Finishing Right? Yes! Acts 26:19
  • When will Jesus return? Has God revealed a plan for the future? Does understanding prophecy help me to make life decisions today? This practical series will answer these and many other questions that bring life into focus today because of the future.

    Four Lesson Audio Series of Dr. Wood's Live Sermons
    • Obstacles: Faith vs. Fear I Cor. 13:13; Luke 8:50
    • Discouragement: Hope vs. Fainting I Cor. 13:13; Gal. 6:9
    • Insecurity: Love us. Fretting I Cor. 13:13; Ps. 37:1
    • Service: Getting on Board Mark 8:36-37; Matt 28:18-20
  • This Group Edition of Operation Go will help you change the world by teaching others how to win souls. Each of 13 lessons includes a 35-40 minute video with discussion points, as well as workbooks to help leaders teach, develop and inspire Christians in the basics of Soul Winning. Excellent for use with Sunday School classes and Bible Study groups. Kit includes 20 workbooks. For International Orders Please Call Our Office At 1-803-401-5752
  • Operation Go Kids Edition

    Do you often wonder how to teach children the basics of sharing the Gospel? The Operation Go: Kids Edition can be utilized in Junior Church, Sunday School Classes, or any kids program. It includes scripture memory, coloring sheets, word searches, and mazes to help the child learn and retain and have fun learning how to witness to others. It uses a fisherman theme and when they win their first soul to Christ they earn a hand-carved wooden fish to commemorate the occasion. "And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19
  • The #1 tool for soul winning, Operation GO, is an intensive 13-week mentoring program designed to train anyone to present the Gospel in a way that is clear, concise, and non-argumentative. In use around the world for over 20 years, its simplicity makes it easy to use, while producing remarkable results. 
  • This easy-to-use kit presents the what, why and how of church growth. Twelve programs present the 15 aspects of church ministry. The accompanying workbook will help motivate pastors and church leaders to plan and set goals for the greatest work on earth building and growing New Testament churches. CD and workbook set.
  • The Operation GO Directors Institute is available in a 6 hour DVD course. This training set will transform staff and laymen into motivated and equipped Operation GO Directors. This set allows churches to train Operation GO Directors, at their own pace, to lead the Operation Go Local Church Edition Program.
  • Dr. David Wood's church growth seminars have helped create immediate and positive changes in churches throughout the world. This results-oriented DVD set equips church leaders with the tools that enable them to make significant spiritual impacts in their communities. Recorded from Dr. David Wood's live seminars, the series addresses how to:
    • Double Sunday School Attendance
    • Increase the Number of Souls Saved
    • Increase Baptisms
    • Increase Offerings
  • Dr. David Wood teaches a step-by-step plan for Soul Winning. Four one-hour CDs.
  • The Crucifixion of Christ comes to life in this live dramatization of Christ’s last week on Earth, narrated by Dr. David Wood. This presentation is a powerful visual tool in showing God’s love for us all.
  • WARNING: READING THIS BOOK MAY CAUSE SPIRITUAL WHIPLASH!! If people could sum up your life in one sentence, what would they say? Would it include soul winning? In The Jerusalem Factor, Dr. David Wood recasts Soul Winning in its Biblical roots and empowers Christians with the tools and confidence they need for an "anytime / anyplace" witness. Learn how to successfully take the message of Jesus Christ to family and friends It is our strategic goal to recast soul winning into the biblical roots from which it came -- God's way. We take our Lord at His Word when He said, "...he that winneth souls is wise." Proverbs 11:30b. "...Over the past generation evangelical America has been seduced by so-called experts who have convinced us that soul winning is out of step with 'real world Christianity.' As a result, the 20th century church has lived off the spiritual capital of the past with no vision, no leadership, and no strategy for implementing The Great Commission.
  • "The Jerusalem Factor" not only gives us a sense of mission but also the power tools necessary to build an effective soul-winning ministry. Here is a step-by-step manual that any Christian can follow and any church can capitalize on..." In this new Jerusalem Factor "Workbook" you can put into practice all the things you read about in the book for yourself. Go chapter by chapter and learn the plan that has brought millions to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  • Now, in this new Jerusalem Factor "Workbook" you can put into practice all the things you read about in the book for yourself. go chapter by chapter and learn the plan that has brought millions to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. It is time to overcome any type of fear by learning from the hundreds of personal examples Dr. Wood shares from his lifetime ministry of soul winning. Simple, easy-to-understand lessons for a twelve-week study alone or in a group setting.  
  • FREE Download The Secret to Multiplying Your Life is a sharp departure from what you might expect in Christian reading. This has the power to shake and then smooth the spiritual turmoil within you.  In other words, this little book will move you out of your comfort zone! ASK YOURSELF ---- Do you feel out of step with today's society and real-world Christianity? Are you haunted by your lack of a vibrant faith? What are you truly passionate about? How will your life be remembered? You are about to embark on a journey. Get ready to multiply your life.  You'll be moved by the 'why', motivated by the 'how', and then eager to begin. This book will ignite a long-dormant passion.
  • This New Testament Bible (KJV) and Soul Winning Reference Guide takes the reader through all the steps of winning friends and family to Christ. The reference section will help guide Christians in their Soul Winning efforts. Includes step-by-step plans, references to the Bible, keys to Soul Winning, and many more developmental tools.


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