Total Stewardship Makeover

The Capital funding Division of  Operation Go International

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Our program can help anyone become a confident witness for Christ.


Your Church Can

  • Build By Cash
  • Pay Off Debt
  • While You Continue To Grow

What is Witness?

The Witness Division of Operation Go International specializes in the training and equipping of churches and leaders with the Biblical strategy and the “How To” of winning people to Christ.

No other church leader understands the principles of church growth better than Dr. David Wood. Initially called to be a pastor, Dr. Wood started two small churches in the United States that each grew into thriving, dynamic congregations of several thousand. Since, Operation Go International has helped to start, and grow, thousands of churches throughout the world.

What Others Are Saying

Witnessing Simplified

Jesus promised that by following Him we could become a “fisher of men“. The fulfillment of that promise is not a gift for only a few; but, awaits every dedicated believer.

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Total Stewardship Makeover, successfully guides churches through capital fund drives of any size, completely debt free. Whether you plan to build an entire complex, add an educational wing or double in size, a capital funding program will guide you through your church growth project.

Available Themes

Step-by-Step Training

We have developed a simple, easy-to-use plan designed to help any believer be a witness for Christ no matter how inexperienced.

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Total Stewardship Makeover offers a unique and successful Biblical approach to capital campaigns that will help your church in the following ways:

  • Provide counselors, not just hired consultants, who understand local church perspectives
  • A customized program developed for your project that will provide the highest value for your dollar
  • Help raise 150 percent of your annual income (seventy percent is typically received during the first year of the campaign)
  • Involve your total membership by providing spiritual direction and motivation, resulting in ministry and capital expansion without debt.
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Learn How to Win Converts

Imagine presenting the gospel simply and clearly. Leading people to Christ. Seeing your converts baptized. And, then, discipled to win others!

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